Spring 2019 Fellows

AlexanderBlades (they/them or he/him) is a student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. They are majoring in Political Science and minoring in Women and Gender Studies. They are ecstatic to continue their education on social justice. Also, through Ignite, they hope to foster a mindset that emphasizes the importance of campus-wide queer education.

Aja Bullock

 (she/her/hers) is from Fayetteville, NC and is in her second year at UNC-Chapel Hill. She is studying Communications, African American and Diaspora Studies, and Public Policy. Aja hopes to expand her organizing skills and connect with other organizers that are passionate about the liberation of all people.

David Okoth (He/THEY) is a trans masculine person that loves to be outside and have fun. He is a freshman at North Carolina A&T state university. He grew up in Raleigh and Columbia South Carolina. Hopes for this semester is to try and make information digestible and fun.

Jazlyn Barrett (She/Her/Hers) is a native of Greenville, NC. She is a senior Mass Communications major, minoring in English at Fayetteville State University. She strives to make a positive change in her community and encourage more of the younger population to get involved in the world around them. Through this fellowship, she hopes to continue her newfound passion for gaining skills and understanding about social justice and the issues surrounding all communities on a daily basis.

De’Ivyion Drew (She/Her/Hers) is from Raleigh, North Carolina and she currently attends the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and Duke University through the Robertson Scholars Program. She is a first-year student at both institutions and is involved in Student Government, Residence Hall Association, and Black Congress. Her hopes for organizing this semester is to learn how to communicate with communities effectively within a collective movement.

Jhonathan Hill (He/Him) AKA Astro is a poet | Rapper | ACTAVIST/organizer | writer Astro performs locally at different venues and tries to bring the best outta people through laughter and affirmations 

Alby Chavez (she/her/hers) is a currently a junior at North Carolina A&T State University, pursuing a degree in Political Science. She is originally from Phoenix, Arizona but moved to Siler City, NC at 16. She is excited to network with North Carolinian activists to create safe spaces and expand sanctuaries to provide lasting change in the community.

Koria Johnson (She/Her/Hers), is a senior at Appalachian State University. She is a Social Work major with minors in Sociology and Philosophy. She is excited to be a part of the Ignite family and is hoping to use this as an opportunity to learn and understand the roots, history, and implementation of organizing in the south. Koria is looking to utilize campus and community infrastructure to engage in social change while challenging the dangers of institutions.

Lorena Calvillo (she/her/hers) is from West Jefferson, NC. Currently attending Appalachian State University as a sophomore, and majoring in Political Science, with a minor in Spanish. Her hopes for organizing this semester is, to begin with, more participation on campus, and outreach to the surrounding communities in the area.

Brianna Torres (she/her/hers) is a UNC-Chapel Hill c/o 2017 graduate originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia. She moved to eastern NC as an adolescent and remained there until college. She currently works as a Student Services Manager in the Applied Physical Sciences department at UNC. She hopes to fully engage in community organizing to combat gender-specific spaces, trans erasure, and provide social justice education to fight bias, prejudice, and discrimination against queer/trans/nonbinary folks, especially of color.

Cheyenne Holloman (She/Her/Hers) is from Fayetteville, NC. She attends Fayetteville State University. She hopes to organize programs regarding mental health in the black community and women empowerment.

Assata Goff (She/Her) is eighteen years old; she is a junior attending the University of North Carolina at Asheville. She is a native of Durham North Carolina and believes that her art and activism are intertwined and rooted in her communities. Assata proudly identifies as a black queer female Muslim, and she dreams of using her love for character design, writing and black queer history to tell the stories of marginalized people. One thing she says a lot is; “I’m just a seed who was buried, growing a stem and dreaming of becoming a tree.”

Chloe Davis (She/her/hers) is From Richmond, VA, her interests include, social justice, art, music, and photography. Chloe is a Sophomore at UNCG, where she is Studying Political Science and African-American Studies. She hopes help raise awareness for social injustices and learn from different perspectives. She is more than excited to be an NC Ignite Fellow and start making differences in the community.

Keterina Clacks (she/her/hers) is a student at North Carolina A&T State University studying architectural engineering initially from Washington, D.C. Throughout the fellowship, she hopes to gain leadership and organizing skills. Also, she hopes to network with like-minded individuals. She exhibits interest in helping the community and expanding knowledge.

This is Isis Richardson (Any that apply)! She is from New York, but lives in North Carolina and attends Winston-Salem State University. This semester Isis intends to build the youth movement in her community by providing safe spaces for free-thinking, creative young individuals.

Sarai Nolasco (She/her/hers) attends Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. She is a sophomore and hopes for a very educational immersive semester.

 Staisha Cain 

(She/Her/Hers) is a senior Political Science major attending Fayetteville State University. Through Ignite NC she wishes to gain knowledge and experience that she can use to create a better North Carolina for everyone.

Michale Holliday (they, them, their) is a North Carolina transplant by way of the Midwest. They attended Davidson College and received a B.A. in Africana Studies. They are currently a candidate for a Master’s of Law in Health Law and Public Policy at Wake Forest University School of Law, with wishes to use their classroom knowledge in needed organizing spaces. Their hopes for the term are to establish deeper connections through the community in their area and creating physical spaces for Blk trans & GNC/NB voices to be heard.

Dustin Hicks (All/any) is from Wilkes County NC, currently studying Sustainable Development at Appalachian State. They’re hoping to continue their work with the newly formed Appalachian Climate Action Collaborative, an organization focused on climate justice work in the Boone area, and to connect those efforts with other movements working locally and regionally in social and environmental justice.

Neysa Wellington (She/Her/Hers) is a Senior at the Illustrious Fayetteville State University. Neysa majors in Visual Arts with a concentration in Digital Arts with a minor in Psychology. Neysa is from Goldsboro, NC.

Elle Green

 (She/They) is a student at Appalachian State University, perusing their BFA in Studio Art. Part of their art practice is centered around community engagement and sustainability. They are excited to continue working in the intersection of art and community making.

Takiyah Thompson (She/they) is a norther Carolina central university student originally from Brooklyn New York. This semester Takiyah hopes to further the work of the Black University.

Liam Waller

(He/they) is a Social Work student at Appalachian State University. He is passionate about radical collective liberation and healing. This semester he hopes to work with other organizers in his community to build a collective that focuses on creating a healing space for LGBTQ+ folks. He hopes this space will incorporate art and creative ways of generating funding to meet the medical, housing, and everyday needs of those who can use that support.

David Benoit

(He/Him/His), originally from Boston, Massachusetts is currently a Political Science and International Studies major within his third year at Western Carolina University. This year, wanting to do even more for the WCU Community, he sought out more service opportunities. He now represents Western Carolina University at the state level through his position with the UNC Association of Student Governments, where he serves as the Associate VP of Campus Outreach. He has also since joined the Student Democracy Coalition and received the honor of being an Andrew Goodman Foundation Ambassador as well as now becoming a fellow with the prominent Ignite NC. During this fellowship, Benoit hopes to gain stronger charisma in activism through his actions and spoken word, mentorship through black leadership, and connection with those of civic backgrounds.