Our Freedom Summer

Calling all young adults committed to community transformation and people power! Join Ignite NC Our Freedom Summer; a project focused on building emerging leaders and civically engaging the stakeholders in OUR communities.

In 1964 young people went into Mississippi to support communities determined to flex their democratic and electoral muscles. Their efforts included canvassing, voter registration, cultural and political education. The Freedom Summer of 64′ was powerful because of the multi-racial coalition that was formed to challenge the restrictions placed on black voting power in Jim Crow Mississippi. By getting people informed and supporting their empowerment those involved in Freedom Summer helped to shift the tide in racist political repression.

This summer Ignite NC fellows will: work with local communities, learn about what changes they want to see, and collaborate to advance local initiatives that move us closer to the taste of freedom in our lifetime. These efforts will align with the framework of Ignite NC and focus on community organizing and electoral justice. Our framing of Electoral Justice is about elevating the needs for communities to be civically engaged in an electoral process that is equitable and truly democratic for everyone. Deepening civic engagement is one way we seek to build power within historically disenfranchised communities.

Those accepted into the fellowship will be expected to fully participate in activities including but not limited to:
* Pre-fellowship training May 20 – 23
* Post-fellowship evaluation August 10 – 12
* Canvassing and base building
* Emerging Organizer Exchange
* Hosting a community building informative event.

COMPENSATION: Fellows will receive a $1,500 stipend in two installments of $750

*Must be in North Carolina
*Must be between the ages of 18-30
*Must be committed to social justice
*Must be available for training May 20 – 23 & evaluation convening August 10 – 12

Women, LGBTQ folks, and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply. We believe in centering and elevating youth led leadership of the most marginalized among us. We believe that when we unite and organize we create change in our communities and throughout the state of North Carolina.