#KeepItDown: Solidarity with Bree Newsome and all others resisting racism and anti-blackness


Image above shows  Bree Newsome, Ignite western field organizer, Tribe CLT organizer, and People’s Power Assembly organizer scaling the SC Capitol flagpole to remove the racist confederate flag.

Ignite’s statement written by Irving, our eastern field organizer.

Today in Charleston South Carolina activist Bree Newsome was arrested for taking down one of the last relics of the old South. This act was not just in defiance to the massacre at Mother Emmanuel, but in defiance to the systematic terrorism and oppression black bodies have suffered for centuries in this country. The fact that the flag could not be removed by the governor alone  as  it is being protected by congressional super majority  procedures illustrates how endemic white supremacy is within our structure. Overnight society views on the flag began to change and government was not able to answer the call of the people they are elected to serve. When the government fails to hear the voice the people, the people must act in its best interest. We cannot wait on legislatures to play political football while lives are being taken everyday. If Bree Newsome was wrong, the actions in Greensboro February 1, 1960 were wrong. Noncompliance with an unjust law is mandatory if we are to ever live free. Today at 11 a.m.  a White supremacist rally will take place with the emblem of oppression flying overhead in affirmation, while a helpless state government watches. We call on the governor to pardon Bree Newsome for her courageous actions. Now is not the time to engage in gradual or incremental steps. The soul of this nation cries out for justice and government must hear that call.