Interview With Ignite NC Fellow Morgan

****This semester we brought on 34 fellows! Here’s a chance to learn more about one them, Morgan from Winston-Salem.****

Hi my name is Morgan, my pronouns are she/her/hers, and I am from Winston Salem….336.

What do you want to learn during this fellowship?
I really want to learn how to get out of my comfort zone and to organize, like develop a plan that is strategic and put it into action. I think that this fellowship is a really good way for me to not only give my skills but also take skills back. So, the skills I really want to work on is, being really able to communicate with my community and my people because I notice that is where I usually find myself in a stand still. Specially with getting my ideas out there.  READ MORE ON OUR MEDIUM BLOG

Fall 2017 Fellowship Applications Open

APPLICATION DEADLINE IS Tuesday, August 15 at 11:59PM. Applications sent earlier will be prioritized. $500 stipend upon successful completion. Descriptions of fellowships are below

Decisions will be made by August 18. 

Eligibility requirements:
*Must be in North Carolina
*Must be between the ages of 18-30
*Must be committed to to social justice
*Must be available for training Sept. 1-4 training & evaluation convening Nov. 17-19

Women, LGBTQ folks, and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply. We believe in centering and elevating youth led leadership of the most marginalized among us. We believe that when we unite and organize we create change in our communities and throughout the state of North Carolina.

Fellowship term: September 1, 2017 – November 19, 2017

Solutions to the problems facing North Carolina and our global community lie within our ability to work together for the common good and to build the leadership and power of young people to create lasting change. In order to create the kind of future we all deserve, we must understand our past, defend the gains made by those who came before us, and ignite and empower everyday people to lead efforts to build a fair and just future. When those most affected by injustice are the leaders who find and implement solutions, we will create a better world. We put our mission into practice by cultivating young leaders, building skills, and sharing an intersectional analysis that sees all of us as part of a legacy of change. We view youth as leaders who are capable of articulating their struggles and creating tangible solutions.

“The revolution has always been in the hands of the young. The young always inherit the revolution.” – Huey P. Newton

“We who believe in freedom can not rest.” – Ella Baker

Started in 2013, our fellows are engaged in dynamic campaigns and organizing efforts aligned with the mission of Ignite NC and centered around the issues that concern their communities. Some of these efforts have included campaigns for a livable wage, Black Lives Matter, UNC Board of Governors and administration accountability, HB2, and election protection.

Ignite NC is building a network of youth organizers to build organization and win concrete changes in our communities across the state. From police murders to attacks on voting rights, youth are facing attacks on all levels. However, young people are taking to the streets and rising up to demand justice in our communities. Historically young people have played a significant role in transforming the country and the world. It’s our time to squad up! Build with us in the movement for justice and apply for the Ignite NC fellowship.  The stakes are too high,we must take a stand and create the change we want to see for our communities.

If you  are currently working with a campus or community organization, or want to help build the youth and student movement, this fellowship provides organizing training, mentorship, connection to youth across the state, tools to create transformative change and a stipend to enable you to spend more dedicated time to organize.

Ignite NC is accepting applications for fellowships this Fall: Training Fellow, Community Organizing, NC Vote Defender, and Media & Communications.

Applications are due August 15, 2017.  Everyone will be notified by August 18, 2017.  

Training Fellow:

These fellows will work directly with staff to also be another resource for the Organizing and Communications fellow.

Their main workplan for the semester will be to develop a training to happen by the end of the semester on their campus or community that builds knowledge and skills.

Whether it is in the beginning or end of the semester, the bulk of their work will be getting trained themselves on facilitation, base building, leadership skills, etc.

They are also welcome to engage and organize with any of the work the organizing and communications fellows will be committed to.

To apply fill out the application send a copy of your resume to

Vote Defender Campus Coordinator:

These fellows will be leading efforts around voter education for upcoming local down-ballot elections. Voter disenfranchisement has plagued North Carolinians, especially students, black voters, the poor, and elderly. Add boots to the ground and join others in creating greater access and awareness at the ballot box.

Organizing Fellow:

These fellows will add to the support of ongoing efforts to build knowledge and power as it relates to the issue areas. They will work with other fellows and structure workplans with the end goal of shifting narrative and practices as it relates to three main issue areas!

Higher Education: Universities in NC have become increasingly inaccessible. Youth are forced to take out thousands of dollars of debt while class sizes grow and programs and centers get cut. Students, staff, faculty, and community members should be the decision makers of our colleges, not the wealthy elite, not those who profit off of our debt. Be part of a campaign team that organizes for accessible higher education.

Expanding Sanctuary: Young people across the country have changed the national narrative around what it means to be free in this country. From challenging narratives of what it means to be workers, addressing the impact of ecological harm on sustainable living, creating alternatives for criminalized communities met with injustice, and changing city and campus policy to address these issues of safety, discrimination, and sanctuary. Be a part of a team seeking to bring capacity to this movement on a local level and help develop a work-plan that builds upon coalition campaigns.

Gender Justice: Young people have been at the forefront informing the narrative and addressing concerns of gender equity in this state and nation. House Bill 2, opened a door to further legalized discrimination in the public sector. From Bathrooms, to housing, to employment, to documenation, we’re witnessing an increase in the criminalization of people based on identity and appearance. More than ever young people must direct the conversation and movement for gender justice. Be a part of a team that works to craft a mandate for gender justice for our campuses and communities.

To apply fill out the application send a copy of your resume to

 Communication Fellow:

Communication Fellow’s will support the organizing work of the organizing fellows! Activities will include writing press releases, managing social media, creating graphics/flyers, updating website and developing a media strategy.

  • Develop and implement a media strategy that supports organizing efforts
  • Using traditional and social media to create awareness about organizing efforts and inform our base (Newsletters, Zines, blogpost, podcasts, etc.)
  • Support the management of website and social media presence
  • Gather pledge cards to engage youth around relevant issues

Ideal candidates will have:

  • Be Familiar with wordpress, HTML, social media platforms and have communication experience
  • Demonstrates a passion for understanding strategic communications and its integration into an overall marketing strategy.
  • Exceptional written and personal communication skills
  • Demonstrated creativity in the practice of PR or related field
  • Willingness and ability to work well in teams
  • Experience in manage social media accounts

To apply fill out the application send a copy of your resume to

Welcoming Ignite NC’s New Co-director Holden Cession

Dear beloved community in the South and beyond,

Over the past two years I have come to know Ignite NC as an organization, a movement family, and a political home. From turning up against HB2, fighting for a living wage, advocating for voter rights, holding elected officials accountable, to demanding affordable and accessible education, Ignite has informed a movement. In our approach to organizing, leadership development, and community building we are doing work that is part of a larger inherited legacy of change.

As a Southerner born and raised in North Carolina It’s been a beautiful experience to unite in resistance on land that has been home for me and my family for centuries. I’ve been able to invest myself in my community, and in an organization that has invested in me.

I’m thankful to be moving into this role alongside D’atra “Dee Dee” Jackson. It’s been a pleasure to be in community and camaraderie with the young ella, assata, Ida that is Dee Dee. Her passion calls me to push harder and speak louder. The out-going director Bryan Perlmutter has offered his guidance, care, and leadership over the past three years and it has been crucial in positioning Ignite for the next leg of this journey. As we transition into a political climate that is becoming increasingly regressive we can’t forget as Bayard Rustin said our power to make systems unworkable.

This is a time to say no to repression, no to silence, and yes to building a liberated future for transgender, black and brown, poor and queer people. This is not a time to back down, but to tighten up and plant ourselves firmly in the work of liberation. 

I’m blessed to be in this with folks who are building for the long haul and keeping NC #Lit4Liberation

Welcoming Ignite NC’s New Co-Director D’atra Jackson

 To my family (chosen and given),

With my heartfelt gratitude, I would like to thank Ignite NC and the Southern Visions Alliance family for this opportunity. When I think about my journey that brought me here, growing up as a poor, black, miseducated, mouthy little girl raised by a single mother in the middle of Philadelphia’s most violent years. It astounds me the conditioning and craving I inherited to build community. Ignite NC, SVA, Durham, and North Carolina has served as my community since moving to my Granma’s House in Durham, directly after finishing grad school. This community has granted permission for this non-Southern native to join you in turning up on the state. To join you in building black futures. To join you in fighting white supremacy, anti blackness, capitalism, xenophobia, transphobia, and so many of the systems of oppression that penetrate our everyday lives. And now to join you in getting free by becoming the Co-Director of Ignite NC alongside the irreplaceable, revolutionary, mystifying, human Holden Cession. I’ve been blessed to learn and build with Holden for a little over a year, and couldn’t be more ecstatic and ready.

We ask that our community continues to support us, and care for us, as we carry on impacting this state in old ways and new ways. Constantly evolving and reflecting. Constantly resisting and developing. Ignite NC is rooted in revolutionary work, which makes us inherently black, inherently queer, inherently Southern. We do this in the name of Pauli Murray, Ella Baker, Zora Neale Hurston, Nina Simone, Afeni Shakur, Maya Angelou, and all of the freedom fighting spirits held in North Carolina.

Kindling: Ignite NC’s Newsletter

North Carolina youth are setting the tone and leading the way in mobilizing efforts across a broad range of issues. Whether it’s addressing police brutality, anti LGBTQ policy, the disenfranchisement of the poor and working class, or the destruction of our land we folks pulling together their energies and resources to create change for tomorrow and today. KINDLING is a monthly newsletter that uplifts some of the efforts that are happening across the state. Check out our first issue: Kindling October Newsletter