Students Band Together Against Voter Suppression


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Students Band Together Against Voter Suppression

We are at a critical moment in North Carolina. In 2013 our state passed the worst voter suppression law in the country which included an end to pre-registration for 16 and 17 year olds, elimination of same day registration, a week cut to early voting, and a voter id mandate that is being implemented in this year’s election cycle. The monster voter id law requires all eligible voters to produce one of six forms of Identification. College IDs are not acceptable forms identification creating an extra obstacle for college students, especially those who are out of state.

We’ve also received cuts to education, healthcare, and other public services which greatly impacts the lives of young people, students, people of color, women, immigrants, and working people. The people in power that are restricting voting rights are the same ones attacking reproductive justice and workers rights. All of these issues are interconnected to a larger power structure that has the goal of maintaining the status quo; one that does not adequately represent the vast majority of North Carolinians.

These attacks have not stopped dedicated residents of this state from banding together to elevate the people’s voice. In 2014 Ignite NC deployed 400 volunteers to monitor the polls on Election day and this year we are increasing our efforts. Election Protection volunteers will be trained to be the eyes and ears on the ground documenting and combating voter suppression. As this case moves through federal court the stories we collect about folks experiences at the polls will impact the ongoing litigation. We must ensure that every voter has the opportunity to vote, and every vote must count.

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