Ignite NC Fellowship Program will Return in Spring 2020

Attention Partners, Stakeholders, Alumni, Friends, and Future Fellows.

Ignite NC is taking time off from the fellowship program to focus on a strategic alignment and integration process. We will use the time away to strengthen our mission, values, and issues-based work. The fruits from this process will be leverage to direct our work in 2020 and beyond. Our fellowship program will return in January, Spring 2020. Below, you can learn more about our strategic alignment and integration process.

Ignite NC Continues to Develop Leaders

Ignite NC is committed to building authentic relationships with our fellows and community partners. Alumni, Chasyn Carter, is an excellent example of how we are committed to developing leadership skills of young people. Read Chasyn’s story.

Chasyn Carter at 2019 Alumni Reunion

For over five years, Ignite NC has been developing the leadership skills of young people. Through our fellowship program, we have trained over 300 young people to advocate and organize within their communities. Ignite NC fellows have ignited long-awaited change across 15 campuses including 7 HBCUs in North Carolina. Our young organizers have kept us safe by advocating for a livable wage for all students, academic, and non-academic employees. They have created LGBTQ centers and addressed sexual assault on campuses and providing enthusiastic consent training.

Strengthening Community and Capacity Building

To continue to show up for our base with more rigor, intentionality, and clarity, we must shift our pace. We are taking a step back to evaluate the core components of our programming and organizational commitments. Nonetheless, we are dedicated to leadership development and capacity building for the long haul. 

As the political stakes increase and more young people enter into our movements, there is an urgent need for us to be more skillful in our ability to absorb them into this work. We are launching our strategic alignment and integration process as a response to the internal desire to strengthen our fellowship program and value rooted work, and an external desire to offer more opportunities for impactful connection to our base and statewide movement ecosystem.

Sustaining our Commitment to Community, Partners, and Future Fellows

In our commitment to grow intentionally, we are iterating on ways to better sustain power and hold continuity even as campuses and elected officials shift. We expect this process will improve our ability to create new and exciting ways to engage our base outside of the fellowship and much more.

This break from the fellowship opens up an opportunity for us to step into our values of authentic relationships, strengthening community, base-building, and leadership development. We are continuing to pour into these values through the following actions:

  • We hosted the first Ignite NC Alumni Reunion! On July 18th-21st, we held a convening that offered alumni and others in our community an opportunity to reflect on the work we have done in the past five years. Additionally, we analyze the shifting political climate and to set an agenda for our 2020 training priorities.
  • This summer, we will continue to offer opportunities for alumni, potential fellows, and community members to engage with us in co-learning and co-visioning. This process will include collaborations on electoral organizing and listening circles to inform the development of our newest campaign. Plus, we will host regional trainings and social gatherings to celebrate our work.
Ignite NC 2019 Alumni Reunion

Get an Early Start!

We are rolling out applications for the Spring 2020 fellowship by September. Our application process will be retooled and tailored to reflect what we aim to achieve in 2020 and beyond. Please contact us at northcarolinaignite@gmail.com to celebrate with us and to inquire about how you can support our strategic alignment and integration process.

Onward and Upward!

We’ll continue to share our progress and move deeper into organizational and political alignment. We appreciate you and are excited to strengthen our commitment to the future of North Carolina.

In Solidarity,

Ignite NC Staff