Welcoming Ignite NC’s New Co-director Holden Cession

Dear beloved community in the South and beyond,

Over the past two years I have come to know Ignite NC as an organization, a movement family, and a political home. From turning up against HB2, fighting for a living wage, advocating for voter rights, holding elected officials accountable, to demanding affordable and accessible education, Ignite has informed a movement. In our approach to organizing, leadership development, and community building we are doing work that is part of a larger inherited legacy of change.

As a Southerner born and raised in North Carolina It’s been a beautiful experience to unite in resistance on land that has been home for me and my family for centuries. I’ve been able to invest myself in my community, and in an organization that has invested in me.

I’m thankful to be moving into this role alongside D’atra “Dee Dee” Jackson. It’s been a pleasure to be in community and camaraderie with the young ella, assata, Ida that is Dee Dee. Her passion calls me to push harder and speak louder. The out-going director Bryan Perlmutter has offered his guidance, care, and leadership over the past three years and it has been crucial in positioning Ignite for the next leg of this journey. As we transition into a political climate that is becoming increasingly regressive we can’t forget as Bayard Rustin said our power to make systems unworkable.

This is a time to say no to repression, no to silence, and yes to building a liberated future for transgender, black and brown, poor and queer people. This is not a time to back down, but to tighten up and plant ourselves firmly in the work of liberation. 

I’m blessed to be in this with folks who are building for the long haul and keeping NC #Lit4Liberation