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Students Band Together Against Voter Suppression

We are at a critical moment in North Carolina. Just a few weeks ago, the courts struck down NC monster voting law reinstating the law as prior to 2013. This means that same day registration, expanded early voting, and no ID requirement is the law….For now!

The monster law was not the first attempt to suppress the voices of youth of color and LGBTQ youth at the ballot box. We know poll workers, board of election officials and regressive ideologues want to restrict the process of who has access to the ballot.

With laws such as HB2 (anti-trans, anti-worker) and HB972 (does not allow public access to body cam footage) this election is vital that young people have access to show support or against politicians. These attacks have not stopped dedicated residents of this state from banding together to elevate the people’s voice. Since 2013 Ignite NC deployed more than 800 volunteers to monitor the polls on Election day and during early voting. Election Protection volunteers will be trained to be the eyes and ears on the ground documenting and combating voter suppression. As the monster voting law goes to the supreme court we will collect stories about folks experiences at the polls that will impact the ongoing litigation. We must ensure that every voter has the opportunity to vote, and every vote must count.

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