#BOEWakeUp Stop Voter Suppression in Wake County

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Stop Voter Suppression in Wake County

Ignite NC is calling on all people to stand up and fight against voter suppression that disproportionately impacts youth, people of color, and working class people across the state. In March’s primary Wake county residents experienced extremely long lines with 3 hour waits, and students in particular experienced transportation barriers due to the county’s failure to provide a single Early Voting site on or within walking distance of the largest campus, NC State. The new voter ID law and lack of information the county provided to its residents resulted in 8,000 provisional ballots being casted. However, despite the efforts to suppress turnout Wake County’s turnout of 41 percent exceeded the state’s 35 percent.

Now more than ever it’s important for us to continue to advocate for accessible voting sites and hours that include Sunday. These are necessary in order to increase the turnout of students and communities that have been historically discouraged from participating in democratic processes. We want to make sure that as many folk as possible are able to access the ballot box as we unite against voter suppression.

We are asking all concerned residents to come out and wake up the Board of Elections. We must awaken them to the needs of our communities and demand that we are adequately represented and have a voice in the decision making process. On June 30 at 5pm we will descend upon the Wake County Board of Elections, and advocate for a early voting plan that serves the people!

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