Ignite NC Statement of Support for the Prohibition of Discriminatory Practices Bill

March 10, 2015

Ignite NC supports NC House Representative Rodney Moore’s Prohibition of Discriminatory Practices Bill and the push for the powers and duties of the Department of Public Safety to be under review with respect to criminal information. The Prohibition of Discriminatory Practices Bill will collect data to track police conduct, racial profiling, and the dissemination of information collected. The purpose of the change in law is to provide a fairer system that provides non-bias judgment before charging an individual with a crime.

The bill prohibits discriminatory profiling and will create independent citizen review boards to ensure that particular race, ethnic and gender groups are not being targeted. The community will form a commission that thoroughly evaluates the conduct and judgment of the local law enforcement with the permission of the General Assembly. Additionally, the bill will enforce training for standardized Local and State Police and Sheriff Deputy and Correction Officers on race equity, LGBTQ equality, religious freedom and domestic violence prevention including the revamping of Neighborhood Watch programs.

Ignite NC supports this bill because it will allow the community to have oversight on local law enforcement behavior and decisions.  The bill will also reduce racial discrimination within the Greensboro, Charlotte, Durham, and Fayetteville communities, with hopes of extending to the entire state of North Carolina.

Organizations and community stakeholders are encouraged to be integral members of the oversight commission, equity trainings, and citizen review boards. Passing the bill will educate officers about the diverse communities in the area to make sure they  are making decisions that are fair and beneficial to the city. Despite the advancements of this bill, Ignite NC believes this is only the beginning of an effort to be transparent and accountable. We strongly encourage more action to taken by the General Assembly, elected officials and community leaders.

Ignite NC recognizes and uplifts the important work being done by youth of color across the country over the past year to end police brutality and violence. This acknowledgement is significant because Black youth, youth of color, and LGBTQ youth are disproportionately targeted, prosecuted and incarcerated.

We remain committed to building community and genuine partnerships with young people most directly affected by police violence and the Prohibition of Discriminatory Practices Bill. While we support this bill we understand that this is not the end. Young people across North Carolina demand more and we stand firmly behind them.

Ignite NC is a statewide youth-led organizing and leadership development program committed to justice and equality.

Ignite NC supports organizing fellows across North Carolina who are working for economic justice through the Fight for $15 and and for police accountability. We support young people-led and centered efforts for justice and accountability across systems, whether they be fast food corporations, police agencies, prisons, or criminal justice system.

Solutions to the problems facing North Carolina and our global community lie within our ability to work together for the common good and to build the leadership and power of young people to create lasting change.  In order to create the kind of future we all deserve, we must understand our past, defend the gains made by those who came before us, and ignite and empower everyday people to lead efforts to build a fair and just future. When those most affected by injustice are the leaders who find and implement solutions, we will create a better world.