Ignite NC’s Valentine’s Day

A reflection piece by Communications Fellow Chelsea Moore 

This past Valentine’s day was a big weekend full of justice and love for Ignite NC fellows and essentially any and every activist across North Carolina.

The 9th annual HKonJ Moral March on Raleigh happened with the participation of thousands of activists, organizers, and organizations from across the state. Ignite NC Fellows were present along with our partners Youth Organizing Institute, and NC Student Power Union. Ignite NC Fellows along with our partners and other youth organizations from across the state marched at the forefront of HKonJ in the Black Lives Matter/Stop The War On Black America Contingent.

The march was overall a racially, gender, and religiously diverse setting for participants. And despite the chilly weather, Black Lives Matter was a loud and resonating message throughout the weekend. With so much taking place in the past few years regarding injustice for the African American community this was a great place to have their voices heard. There were also many other issues marchers were rallying for ranging from women’s health, to the fighting for $15 for minimum wage workers, to rights for immigrants, to education for our children and their future.

Later in the day Ignite NC Fellows participated in the first-ever statewide Black Lives Matter Youth Assembly hosted at Shaw University where SNCC (Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee) was founded in 1960. This youth assembly brought together nearly 200 youth to discuss issues in their communities and what kinds of solutions are needed.

This year we are looking forward to our fellows rooting themselves in the communities each of them attend school in and/or reside in. Our mission is to educate our very own as well as surrounding communities on issues that take place not far from us. Furthermore, this spring we plan to unite and defeat the unreasonably low pay for minimum waged workers, with a new wage of $15 per hour and right to a union. We will also fight to end all police brutality, holding each individual and every system guilty of racist violence accountable.

HKonJ weekend was very impactful for Ignite NC fellows and we made an impact as well: highlighting the important work and issues from our local communities and campuses while uplifting the work happening everywhere across North Carolina. As we incorporate both new and old fellows for the spring it was great to see fellows reunited in the same space and have our voices heard. Many of us took to HKonJ weekend to spend Valentine’s Day with those we are fighting with side-by-side for a more love-filled and justice-filled world. Look forward to hearing and seeing more from us.

For more information on HKonJ and about us visit our website! https://ncignite.org


chelsea moore ignite ncChelsea Moore is a sophomore at Bennett College for women. There she majors in Journalism and Media Studies with hopes of becoming a notable public relations specialist/marketing executive. She is most passionate about equality for all races and genders in corporate America. She looks forward to partnering with other fellows to have their voices heard about issues taking place in our nation.