Moral Monday

Last Monday, the Ignite crew went to go take on the last Moral Monday of the year. It was a great inspiring protest with the focus being on LGBTQ rights. It had an electric feel with everyone being there working to change the way our state was dealing with issues from healthcare, minimum wage, education, the environment and voting rights, just to name a few. It was great to people from across the state get involveds in such local issues than many people and often the press overlook. Everyone there was united to stand-up for the ideals we believe in.

MM photo

This Moral Monday was different from many of the ones in the past because it involved a      sit-in/pray-in/teach-in throughout the halls of the capital building.  There we had a fascinating discussion about what we need to fix in North Carolina and how we should set about doing it. It was great to hear from everyone there, including the Ignite members I went with and other people from our local community. Everyone had great and unique input about the issues so close to all of their heart’s. After the teach/pray/sit-ins all finished then everyone went to the main foyer, to start singing and for those who decided to get arrested to be arrested. It was a great moment to see and was truly inspirational. Despite, the police kicking us out early for a fire-code “violation”, which clearly was not being violated, it was a wonderful event. It made me so proud to see all my Ignite friends there and all of us working to make a difference.