Mix’d Mic Monday

After Moral Monday, the Ignite NC crew went to a bi-monthly open mic event, hosted at Cuban Revolution, to register voters. The restaurant was filled to the brim with people, all excited for a night of live music, in a hip area of Durham. Before the music started, Josh, the field director of Ignite NC, gave an impassioned and moving speech about the needs for everyone to vote so that we can fulfill our most basic civil duty. A right that Americans fought and died for in the 1960’s and that people having been fighting for across the World. A right that people in our own state and across our great nation are trying to take away for mere political reasons.

Josh Photo

It was great to see a group of people immediately raise their hands asking for voter registration forms knowing exactly what they needed to do to have their voices heard. Another fascinating part of the night was that much of the poetry and music was about the need to get involved and the systemic problems that are affecting their community. The music was great and a whole lot of fun to attend. It was the first time that I had ever gone to an event like that and I definitely plan on going back with the entire Ignite group.