Vote Defenders At the Polls: Election Day Poll Monitoring Educates Local Voters About Changing Voting Laws

NC Vote Defenders’ Organizing Fellow Lela Ali talks to the press outside of Aversboro Elementary School.


On Tuesday, Election Day, Vote Defenders were stationed at multiple polls around Wake and Pasquotank County. These volunteers handed out information on changing voting laws to make sure that local voters knew about their basic voting rights. They also helped monitor for any instances of voter suppression or intimidation.


Bryan Perlmutter, the NC Vote Defender’s Program Director, waits for voters to arrive at a precinct in Elizabeth City.
Vote Defender volunteers Molly McDonough and Mary-Kylie Cranford monitoring a precinct in Wake County.
Simone Boney got to the polls early to help make sure voters knew all of their voting rights.

While most new voting laws will not go into effect until 2014 (and 2016 for the new Voter ID law), there was still a lot of confusion over them this year. People showed up with their IDs just in case, and asked questions about when certain voting laws would start being enforced.  Vote Defenders happily answered their questions and alleviated confusion over the new voting regulations.

We’ll be at it again on November 5 in Charlotte and Boone, and we can’t wait!