Emerging Narratives

Have you been impacted by tuition hikes, problematic housing practices, or any similar problems at a university within the UNC School System? If so, please tell us your story! We will share folx stories to help them find support in their community. Avery, a student organizer, has already shared their story- check it out

Why Tell Your Story?

Education is essential in how we come to learn about ourselves and our relationship with the society around us. Unfortunately, in many higher ed institutions in North Carolina, many of our people are barred from deciding how education takes place. We believe that students, workers, and affected community members should be at the center of shaping institutions of higher education, not wealthy individuals acting in the interest of corporations.

In NC, the UNC School system controls most of the higher education in the state. This system is controlled by the UNC Board of Governors (BOG), a body of decision-makers, who have the interest of corporations over our people. As a result, in the past decade, we have seen tuition hikes; defunding of institutions and majors that enrich our communities; and the criminalization of students, workers, and community members. The BOG’s actions have endangered our folk and abandoned our education to make a profit. (Learn more)

A people-led transformation of the management and structure of the UNC school system will end the repressive environment created by the current BOG and give power to a people controlled education.

We want to share as many stories as possible of how the current education system is not working for us and what folx are doing to fix it. We will make a book with your stories and distribute copies to community members to compel them to support you in changing the most pressing issues at your campus. Please share your stories of how policies/actions at your campus impact you and/or the work you are doing to address them, and any support you need from your community.